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Kombolcha Ethiopia (Computer Lessons)



On my very first trip to Ethiopia back in 2007, I had the chance to talk to several young kids and teenagers at the Kombolcha Center and realise that their needs where a lot more than just financial aid. Personally, that made me feel the urge to offer more apart from adopting a child from distance. Therefore, I contributed towards the efforts of the Centre Stuff to properly raise and educate those children.
Actually, it did not take long to understand that the children were particularly interested in computers, so it was more than obvious of how I could be of some help. As a part-time computer instructor I have the knowledge in basic programs such as MS Word, Excel, Power Point, and Internet Explorer. The concept was that basic programs could be taught to older children, who in return would teach the younger ones.
Three visits in Ethiopia in 9 months were enough to successfully finish the lessons that I had started with those young boys.
I was happily surprised by the love that those children generously gave me.
Drawing upon this personal experience, I definitely recommend volunteer working to everyone. As for me, I hope that I will have the chance to repeat such a venture combined with travelling some time soon.